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Deploying Ghost to Amazon ECS using a CI/CD Pipeline

This post is about deploying a Highly Available Ghost CMS using DevOps practices on AWS - its both a deep-dive into the different AWS DevOps services, and a tutorial to follow to get a working, highly available Ghost blog running on AWS ECS deployed through a CI/CD pipeline.

Editorial - new Ghost theme

I've been running this Ghost blog since about 2017. I started off using the default Casper theme, then used CoderGhostTheme for while, before settling on Crisp for a long time. But I recently

Upgrade Ghost 1.22 to 2.1.3

A few months ago I wrote about upgrading this blog's Ghost version from version 0.x to 1.x. Since version 2 has been out, here is how the upgrade went. Since I


I recently changed came across the awesome worlds of fonts, because I got tired of the default font in my email-client . I had been using Calibri for the last 5 years, and before

Ghost blog setup with Docker

A few months, I mentioned how Nginx and Ghost was setup That was running version 0.9 of ghost. I finally decided to upgrade to ghost v1 (1.18 at time of writing)