August 13, 2019

Editorial - new Ghost theme

I've been running this Ghost blog since about 2017. I started off using the default Casper theme, then used CoderGhostTheme for while, before settling on Crisp for a long time. But I recently wanted better support for a side bar and tags, and Crisp did not support that. Ghost does a good job of managing tags, but does not have a built-in way to show tags, like a tag cloud.  The API supports it, but I have not seen themes that use it. This could be be usefull to show the topics that I write about in this blog.

I came across some nice posts about better tag support, but nothing fit the bill:

I have decided to go with Editorial - which has a really nice side bar. For tags, I will try a Page, with some of the most common tags/topics from the blog.