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Open Source in the cloud era

Open Source in the cloud era

As a follow on to train of thought of the Open Source impact of the IBM purchase of Red Hat, which I wrote about earlier [], I wonder

Should the Open Source community be worried?

First Microsoft started cozying up to open source software (which I have written about [] ), which was cute. Then Microsoft bought GitHub, which was concerning. Now IBM

Synergy between devices - without apps

Original post from August 2014 [] WARNING: This is not for the fan boys. tl;dr: just build it into the OS so that I

Desktop Setup

Original post from September 2013 [] My previous post spoke about using Synergy as a software-based KVM. But to really see how useful it is,

Synergy - software/network based KVM

Original post from Sptember 2013 [] Synergy is a application that allows you to share one mouse and keyboard with other PCs, similar to a

Remote SSH: screen, tmux

Original post from September 2013 [] This is one of the most usefull things I have come across: when working via SSH/telnet on remote