October 29, 2018

Should the Open Source community be worried?

First Microsoft started cozying up to open source software (which I have written about), which was cute.

Then Microsoft bought GitHub, which was concerning.

Now IBM buys Red Hat - we should be worried!

Will this be another Sun purchase, or a re-hash of the SCO-Unix wars.]. Or maybe similiar to the Toad purchase, to go after those companies that were improperly licensed.

Unlikely - [IBM seems to be a good open source citizen])https://developer.ibm.com/code/open/). I used the https://loopback.io/ API Platform, which IBM has still kept open source, after bundling https://strongloop.com/ into IBM API Connect

What I don't believe is that this purchase will make IBM a better Hybrid cloud provider. And here is why: OpenStack has failed as a public cloud. None of the big providers use Open Stack.

OpenStack's community strength and popularity is also its Achilles Heel. An increasing number of contributing companies are trying to steer OpenStack in highly divergent directions, making it hard for the newbie to figure out how to successfully use OpenStack

So that being the case, I dont see IBM competing with AWS, GCP and Azure with Open Stack, even in the hybrid/private cloud space.