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Open Source in the cloud era

Open Source in the cloud era

As a follow on to train of thought of the Open Source impact of the IBM purchase of Red Hat, which I wrote about earlier, I wonder if the definition of Open Source

Ops -> DevOps -> NoOps

"The race to serverless" I've written about Operations here and there, and my thoughts on DevOps, and then on Cloud Relevance, I see it as continuum, where we started off doing

SD-WAN: 1st app of SDN

I dont have much technical experience in networking technologies, but I have worked for ISPs, and typically they sold clients a WAN solution, using an MPLS network, which is something like: Which is

Relevance in the Cloud Revolution

We not even finished with the 3rd Industrial Revolution, and already leading people are claiming we are now in the 4th Industrial Revolution The Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the Digital Revolution, representing