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Book Review: multiple - Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz []is the author of four books, which are primarily about Digital Transformation. I've listed them in order of publication - most recent at the bottom: 1.

Reading List - Updated

I used to be a voracious reader through primary school and high school, but it kinda stopped somewhere during campus days. I have rekindled it recently, especially with the ability to read on-line

Book Review: Cloud Strategy - Gregor Hohpe

Book Review: Cloud Strategy - Gregor Hohpe

I first read Greg'ss original book on SOA many years ago, and recently picked up both his 37 Things / Elevator book, and this Cloud Strategy [] - A Decision-based

Book review: Beyond the ...

After reading The Unicorn Project [] a few months ago, (and Accelerate [] and the Phoenix Project a few years prior) I came