April 23, 2020

Book review: Beyond the ...

After reading The Unicorn Project a few months ago, (and Accelerate and the Phoenix Project a few years prior) I came across an audio series by same authors, called Beyond the Phoenix Project. This is an audio series, not an audio book (which is typically an audio rendering of a written book). Here Gene Kim and his co-host talk about the things that happened parellel to and around the book, and discuss their research going into the book. Its fascinating to hear about all the stories and incidents that inspired the book.

One of the main inspirations of DevOps is the work of Theory of Constraints, and specifically the books of Dr Goldratt. Dr Golddratt did a set of interviews called Beyond the Goal, and thats what inspired Gene to do  Beyond the Phoenix Project. Dr Goldratt discusses the research into ToC, and what inspired his book The Goal.

Both we awesome listens (my first every audio-books), that I listened to while biking and running, so it took me a good few months to finish. I bought both on Audible, and I really liked the experience. I'm not quite sure if I am ready for a typical audio book, but lets see.