May 22, 2020

Book Review: Cloud Strategy - Gregor Hohpe

Book Review: Cloud Strategy - Gregor Hohpe

I first read Greg'ss original book on SOA many years ago, and recently picked up both his 37 Things / Elevator book, and this Cloud Strategy - A Decision-based Approach to Successful Cloud Migration

He starts off with contrasting Cloud to what corporates are typically used: procurement, predictability

He gives a brilliant explanation on the difference between making Digital things (watches, Encarta), and using Digital to change your business (Wikipedia, Uber, etc)

Some of the topics he brings up:

  • Cloud isn't Procurement, it's a lifestyle change
  • Predicatability Vs elasticity
  • Feature checklist Vs cloud vision
  • Snapshot Vs constant evolution
  • Product Vs platform -
    Local Vs global optimisation: best of breed components Vs platform
    In the case of cloud, though, you’re not looking to replace an existing component that serves a specific organisational need. Rather the opposite, you’re looking for a product that enables your organization to work in a fundamentally different way (that’s what we call “transformation”).
  • Segregation of Infrastructure from Application
  • Control Vs transparency
  • Resilience through Redundancy vs. Automation