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Book review: Beyond the ...

After reading The Unicorn Project a few months ago, (and Accelerate and the Phoenix Project a few years prior) I came across an audio series by same authors, called Beyond the Phoenix Project.

DevOps vs legacy change management

DevOps is primarily focussed on moving code from a developers laptop into production, in a fast manner, while maintaining stability. Fundamentally, this is the delivery pipeline. For those of us using DevOps to

Azure AZ-103 Tips

I studied my first Azure certification - Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator during the latter part of 2019. I completed the course, but did'nt write the exam. I did'nt enjoy Azure training as

AWS SysOps Associate Exam - Tips

I began studying for Sysops in early March, straight after writing Developer Associate.  Similar to what I did with the Developer Associate exam, I took a practise test first, before doing any course