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Keeping active

2021Total Active Days: 98 (up by 11 days) Total Time: 30 hours (up 1 hour) Total distance: 420km (up 120 hours) 2020These are my Strava stats for 2020: Summary of 2020: 87 total

Reading List - Updated

I used to be a voracious reader through primary school and high school, but it kinda stopped somewhere during campus days. I have rekindled it recently, especially with the ability to read on-line

Whiteboarding remotely

Whiteboarding remotely

Like all of us in tech, we have all been working remotely since COVID-19 hit 9 months ago. I've got my home-office setup quite well: Desktop and laptop setup with large screenGood chair

Architecture, Cloud and Serverless

I had some follow-on thoughts after my post on Microservices: Distributed Data Patterns that I wanted to share. I came across Jeremy Daly’s detailed article on Higher Performing Microservices, that built on