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Deploying Ghost to Amazon ECS using a CI/CD Pipeline

This post is about deploying a Highly Available Ghost CMS using DevOps practices on AWS - its both a deep-dive into the different AWS DevOps services, and a tutorial to follow to get a working, highly available Ghost blog running on AWS ECS deployed through a CI/CD pipeline.

Book Review: multiple - Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz is the author of four books, which are primarily about Digital Transformation. I've listed them in order of publication - most recent at the bottom: The Art of Business ValueA Seat

WFH Setup

This is an update to my desktop setup, especially now that I am working from home. WFH Desktop setupMac MiniDell 4P317Q - 43 inch 4K monitorLogitech MX Ergo mouseSAMSON Go Mic Direct -