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Learning Python on AWS

I’ve been working in tech for just over 15 years now. I’ve relied on Java as my go-to tool for quick PoCs, and its carried well my thus far. But I

New Logitech MX Ergo mouse

New Logitech MX Ergo mouse

I've written previously about my desktop setup. My main mouse in this setup has been the Logitech MX Revolution. Logitech MX Revolution on chargerI love this quote/review from Amazon: The Logitech MX

Architecture predicts DevOps success

I recently authored a post for the AWS Architecture blog regarding why DevOps requirements are important when making architectural decisions - said another way, is why considerations for how you’re going to

Saving costs with Gas

I mainly write about my journeys with technology regarding APIs, cloud and DevOps. However I’ve also written previously on the topic of efficient energy usage. In 2018, during the drought that hit