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API and microservices vs ESB

When ever we talk about APIs, people always think about the legacy ESB/SOA/ESF stack.  They are not meant to solve the same problems. SOA uses APIs – that’s about the only

Upgrade Ghost 1.22 to 2.1.3

A few months ago I wrote about upgrading this blog's Ghost version from version 0.x to 1.x. Since version 2 has been out, here is how the upgrade went. Since I

Ops -> DevOps -> NoOps

"The race to serverless" I've written about Operations here and there, and my thoughts on DevOps, and then on Cloud Relevance, I see it as continuum, where we started off doing

Ghost blog setup with Docker

A few months, I mentioned how Nginx and Ghost was setup That was running version 0.9 of ghost. I finally decided to upgrade to ghost v1 (1.18 at time of writing)

Ngnix and Docker

The layout of the web part of hacksaw is using Ngnix to load balance all traffic to app installed on Docker containers.