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Huawei USB dongle

I always forget the colour of the indication light on 3G dongles, to know when its connected, and the signal strenght. Hopefully this will help: http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/526134-Balance-checking-of-MTN-prepaid-SIM-in-remote-device

Pi: USB sound card nightmare

Original post from January 2015 As a follow on to the previous post about the raspberry Pi I bought two USB sound cards from Matrix Warehouse. They were these two C-Media based chipsets:


Original post from September 2014 I recently got a Raspberry Pi B+ for a small audio streaming project. The objective is to setup a audio streaming icecast source client (using darkice) that records

Setup Raspberry Pi Zero W

I've written previously about the setup of the raspberry pi's that I have done, which was based on the Pi 2 B, and Pi 3. This time however, we using a Pi zero


What started out in 2012 as small project, has turned out to be a full blown experiment on how real companies run. Some History In 2012, a friend started a web-based audio streaming