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Hiring - from the other side

I've written about hiring before, from the perspective of a non-hiring engineer. Since then, over the last 2.5 years, I've had the opportunity to be a hiring manager, and to be responbile

Career progression - The Pendulum

As a follow on from the discussion around Millenials, where they change jobs frequently, we mentioned that they looking different meaning in their work. They not stuck to companies for years, as a

Hiring 2.1 - on-going rant

Originally posted in September 2015 Just some last thoughts, then I am going to stop. Promise. In my previous post, I highlighted that the main problem I have with the Hiring process is

Google: The Interview

Original post from November 2014 WARNING: The following post refers to anonymous persons and companies. We have changed the names to protect the innocent. Real names have been replaced with just random data*