April 30, 2018 · books reading ·

Reading List

I used to be a voracios reader through primary school and high school, but it kinda stopped somewhere during campus days. I have rekindled it recently, especially with the ability to read on-line (my preference is Google Play Books on Android), although I have also still do read soft-cover books, that I have on my desk at work, or in the lounge at home.

It seems that my preference is to read the samples on Google Play, which is about 4 chapters or so of the book, then I purchase it if I like it. I sometimes will read samples of different books, and then purchase the one that really caught my attention the most, and come back to the others later.

This is brilliant article that talks about the way you read books and what is says about your intelligence.

My tastes

I really enjoy Scott Burken, and I have a few of his books below. A few of the others came from when I read Burkens Myth of Innovation, and he referred to other books on innovation, so I have a few of those in the list as well.
I enjoyed Gene Kim's Project Phonix, so I have his other DevOps handbook in the list.


This is the list of books I have in my Google Play bookstore, and have read most of the samples for, that I will choose from next to purchase:


This is the list of completed books: (most recent at the top)




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