October 29, 2017

True Millenial

Some of the characteristics of Millenials (Gen Y) is:

  • Emphasis on Work-Life Balance
  • "Millennials place an emphasis on producing meaningful work, finding a creative outlet, and have a preference for immediate feedback."
  • "Millennials have too great expectations from the workplace. Some studies predict they will switch jobs frequently, holding many more jobs than Gen Xers due to their great expectations"

Anban correctly called me a "true millennial" for not staying in a job longer than 3 years"

For the majority of my career, I was managed by people who did not understand what makes Millenials tick.

Hopefully I will have a better understanding of the next generation - Gen Z, as these are the guys entering the workplace now. We already have two Gen Zs in our team, and they want/need to be managed differently.

Gen Zs, based on the guys in our team, are better multi-taskers, have short concentration spans, and seek immediate feedback. They entering the workplace earlier, studying later/on-line and have higher expectations of technology.