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Real world API ecosystem architecture

In the post about APIs and SOA, I mentioned briefly the architecture we designed and built to the support MAD-API: the API ecosystem [http://hacksaw.co.za/blog/a-real-world-dx-experiment/]. To begin understanding MAD-API

Scaling out DevOps: Product and Platform Teams

In a previous post, we spoke in depth about product/feature teams [http://hacksaw.co.za/blog/conways-law-and-devops-moving-the-org-structure-to-feature-teams/] . In this post, I want to talk about a Platform team, that will support the

API and microservices vs ESB

When ever we talk about APIs, people always think about the legacy ESB/SOA/ESF stack.  They are not meant to solve the same problems. * SOA uses APIs – that’s about the only

Legacy Software Architecture in Corporates

In a previous post, I got started on Making Architecture Matter [http://gcp.hacksaw.co.za/blog/making-software-architecture-matter/]. Specifically in corporate enterprises, architecture is more about hand-wavy, fluffy things that has nothing to