August 16, 2019

Career Pendulum - Motivation

Career Pendulum - Motivation

I initially wrote about the Pendulum - based on Millenial's different needs, we looking for work that is more fulfilling. The money or promotions don't matter that much any more - it's the need to own something and build it.

Well this article really did it for me, about an AWS employee, who finally left to start doing his own thing because:

I was always going to be working on somebody else’s terms at Amazon. The terms were simple in the beginning (keep fixing the thing), but kept getting more complicated as the years passed by (maximize all goals; satisfy all stakeholders). Then there were other restrictions inherent to working in a large organization about how to do the work, what work to do, what goals to set, and what business was worth pursuing. This situation was squeezing me into doing things that I’d rather not do, and vice versa.
Rewards up, motivation down

He lost motivation because he was not owning it anymore. As his project got bigger, he had to more and more serve others needs. And thats where I feel I am now. Again!