January 2, 2018

Ops -> DevOps -> NoOps

"The race to serverless"

I've written about Operations here and there, and my thoughts on DevOps, and then
on Cloud Relevance,

I see it as continuum, where we started off doing typical Development and Operations, which was all about building infrastructure (physical, then virtualised, then containerised), so we could run our code/apps. We then got into DevOps, to make it faster to deploy and better to support. Now with true Cloud, because someone has already built all that underlying plumbing, we can just use it, by going Servless, and hopefully towards NoOps.

This is a good read:

Serverless is one of the hottest topics in cloud computing. As we have recently discussed on the blog, serverless doesn’t actually mean that no servers are involved, it just means that developers don’t have to worry about servers or any other infrastructure issues or operational details. Instead, serverless computing allows developers to focus on the code they build to expose different functions.

Among the major cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure’s release of its Azure Functions in May 2016 follows the “serverless revolution” that started with AWS Lambda in 2014, and the release of Google Cloud Functions in February 2016.

The question now that a typical SysAdmin needs to ask himself: Has the death of the OS began?

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