December 17, 2017

Psychological Safety in Operation Teams

As a follup to my previous post regarding Monitoring and Alerting in Operations, we mention this article regarding Psychological Safety in Operation Teams:

It comes from work done at Google with the SRE teams. It mentions important items like culture, respect, team safety and taking chances.
This one stands out for me, particularly as this was one of the biggest causes of stress being part of an Operations team:

On-Call and Operations
The stress of on-call is what drives people away from operations
roles. Curiously, 24/7 shifts are not the problem. The real
problem is small on-call rotations that result in long, frequent
shifts. The more time people spend on-call, the more likely they
are to suffer from depression and anxiety [7]. The expectation of
having to act is more stressful than acting itself [8]. It’s one thing
to accept that on-call is part of a job. It’s another to tell your fiveyear-old
daughter you can’t bring her to the playground.
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